Secretary of Transportation

Secretary of Transportation, W. Shep Miller

W. Sheppard Miller III

1111 East Broad Street, 3rd Floor
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Tel. (804) 786-8032

The Secretary of Transportation is committed to creating and maintaining a multimodal network that connects Virginians to jobs, education, and health care across the Commonwealth and serves as the platform for Virginia’s economy. Working collaboratively, we can advance this network by tying transportation decisions to economic competitiveness and identifying innovative solutions to transportation challenges. Agencies the Secretariat oversees move people and goods by rail, water, transit, and over our roadways. Our sea ports, airports, space port, bridges, tunnels, and highways serve as global gateways for the Commonwealth, opening Virginia to economic opportunity by creating access to regional, national, and world markets.

Information accurate as of December 2023