Blue Book of the Commonwealth of Virginia

Pursuant to ยง 2.2-402 of the Code of Virginia, this report identifies, "(i) the boards of visitors of all public institutions, and other boards appointed by the Governor; (ii) all commissions issued under appointments made by the Governor, except commissions to notaries public; (iii) all departments, boards, councils, commissions, and other collegial bodies created in the executive branch of state government; and (iv) such other matters as the Governor requires."

This online Blue Book provides users with a Web-accessible record that is presented to the Governor and General Assembly annually. There is no charge or fee to access this information.

2021 Blue Book of the Commonwealth

Issued by:
The Honorable Kelly Thomasson
Secretary of the Commonwealth

Researched and edited by:
Emma Williams Jensen
Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth

 Information current as of December 2021

Bluebook Archives (2005 - 2021)

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Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth
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Information accurate as of December 2021