Capitol Square
Richmond, Virginia 23219
House District Member
1st District Terry G. Kilgore
2nd District Candi Mundon King
3rd District James W. (Will) Morefield
4th District William C. Wampler, III
5th District Israel D. O'Quinn
6th District Jeffrey L. Campbell
7th District Marie E. March
8th District Joseph P. McNamara
9th District Wren M. Williams
10th District Gwendolyn W. (Wendy) Gooditis
11th District Sam Rasoul
12th District Jason S. Ballard
13th District Danica A. Roem
14th District Daniel W. Marshall, III
15th District C. Todd Gilbert
16th District Leslie R. (Les) Adams
17th District Christopher T. Head
18th District Michael J. Webert
19th District Terry L. Austin
20th District G. John Avoli
21st District Kelly K. Convirs-Fowler
22nd District Kathy J. Byron
23rd District Wendell S. Walker
24th District Ronnie R. Campbell
25th District Chris Runion
26th District Tony O. Wilt
27th District Roxann L. Robinson
28th District Tara A. Durant
29th District William D. (Bill) Wiley
30th District Nicholas J. (Nick) Freitas
31st District Elizabeth R. Guzman
32nd District David A. Reid
33rd District David A. LaRock
34th District Kathleen J. Murphy
35th District Mark L. Keam
36th District Kenneth R. Plum
37th District David L. Bulova
38th District Kaye Kory
39th District Vivian E. Watts
40th District Daniel I. Helmer
41st District Eileen Filler-Corn
42nd District Kathy KL Tran
43rd District Mark D. Sickles
44th District Paul E. Krizek
45th District Elizabeth B. Bennett-Parker
46th District Charniele L. Herring
47th District Patrick A. Hope
48th District Richard C. (Rip) Sullivan, Jr.
49th District Alfonso H. Lopez
50th District Michelle-Ann E.L. Maldonado
51st District Briana D. Sewell
52nd District Luke E. Torian
53rd District Marcus B. Simon
54th District Robert D. Orrock, Sr.
55th District Hyland F. (Buddy) Fowler, Jr.
56th District John J. McGuire, III
57th District Sally L. Hudson
58th District Robert B. Bell
59th District C. Matthew Fariss
60th District James E. Edmunds, II
61st District Thomas C. Wright, Jr.
62nd District Carrie E. Coyner
63rd District Kimberly A. Taylor
64th District Emily M. Brewer
65th District R. Lee Ware
66th District Michael A. Cherry
67th District Karrie K. Delaney
68th District Dawn M. Adams
69th District Betsy B. Carr
70th District Delores L. McQuinn
71st District Jeffrey M. Bourne
72nd District Schuyler T. VanValkenburg
73rd District Rodney T. Willett
74th District Lamont Bagby
75th District Howard Otto Wachsmann, Jr.
76th District Clinton L. Jenkins
77th District C. E. (Cliff) Hayes, Jr.
78th District James A. (Jay) Leftwich, Jr.
79th District Nadarius E. Clark
80th District Don L. Scott, Jr.
81st District Barry D. Knight
82nd District Anne Ferrell H. Tata
83rd District Timothy V. Anderson
84th District Glenn R. Davis, Jr.
85th District Karen S. Greenhalgh
86th District Irene Shin
87th District Suhas Subramanyam
88th District Phillip A. Scott
89th District Jackie Hope Glass
90th District Angelia Williams Graves
91st District A.C. Cordoza
92nd District Jeion A. Ward
93rd District Michael P. Mullin
94th District Shelly A. Simonds
95th District Marcia S. (Cia) Price
96th District Amanda E. Batten
97th District Scott A. Wyatt
98th District M. Keith Hodges
99th District Margaret B. Ransone
100th District Robert S. Bloxom, Jr.
1st District
Counties of Lee, Scott, and Wise (part); City of Norton

Terry G. Kilgore

Telephone: (276) 386-7011

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2nd District
Counties of Prince William (part) and Stafford (part)

Candi Mundon King


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3rd District
Counties of Bland, Buchanan, Russell (part), and Tazewell

James W. (Will) Morefield

Telephone: (276) 345-4300

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4th District
Counties of Dickenson, Russell (part), Washington (part), and Wise (part)

William C. Wampler, III

Telephone: (276) 200-4007

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5th District
Counties of Carroll (part), Grayson, Smyth (part), and Wythe (part); City of Galax.

Israel D. O'Quinn

Telephone: (276) 525-1311

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6th District
Counties of Carroll, Smyth (part), and Wythe

Jeffrey L. Campbell

Telephone: (276) 227-0247

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7th District
Counties of Floyd, Montgomery (part), and Pulaski (part)

Marie E. March

Telephone: (540) 440-8355

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8th District
Counties of Craig, Montgomery (part), and Roanoke (part); City of Salem

Joseph P. McNamara

Telephone: (540) 384-0276

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9th District
Counties of Patrick, Franklin (part) and Henry (part)

Wren M. Williams

Telephone: (276) 693-9024

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10th District
Counties of Clark (part), Frederick (part), and Loudoun (part)

Gwendolyn W. (Wendy) Gooditis

Telephone: (540) 300-3857

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11th District
City of Roanoke (part)

Sam Rasoul


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12th District
Counties of Giles, Montgomery (part), and Pulaski (part); City of Radford

Jason S. Ballard


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13th District
County of Prince William (part); City of Manassas Park

Danica A. Roem

Telephone: (571) 393-0242

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14th District
Counties of Henry (part) and Pittsylvania (part); City of Danville

Daniel W. Marshall, III

Telephone: (434) 797-5861

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15th District
Counties of Page, Rockingham (part), Shenandoah, and Warren (part)

C. Todd Gilbert

Telephone: (540) 459-7550

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16th District
Counties of Henry (part) and Pittsylvania (part); City of Martinsville

Leslie R. (Les) Adams

Telephone: (434) 432-1600

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17th District
Counties of Botetourt (part) and Roanoke (part); City of Roanoke (part)

Christopher T. Head

Telephone: (540) 283-2839

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18th District
Counties of Culpeper (part), Fauquier (part), Rappahannock, and Warren (part)

Michael J. Webert

Telephone: (540) 999-8218

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19th District
Counties of Alleghany, Bedford (part), and Botetourt (part); City of Covington

Terry L. Austin

Telephone: (540) 254-1500

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20th District
Counties of Augusta (part), Highland, and Nelson (part); Cities of Staunton and Waynesboro

G. John Avoli

Telephone: (540) 200-8112

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21st District
Cities of Chesapeake (part) and Virginia Beach (part)

Kelly K. Convirs-Fowler

Telephone: (757) 364-8428

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22nd District
Counties of Bedford (part), Campbell (part), and Franklin (part); City of Lynchburg

Kathy J. Byron

Telephone: (434) 582-1592

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23rd District
Counties of Amherst (part) and Bedford (part); City of Lynchburg (part)

Wendell S. Walker

Telephone: (434) 515-2264

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24th District
Counties of Amherst (part), Augusta (part), Bath, and Rockbridge; Cities of Buena Vista and Lexington

Ronnie R. Campbell

Telephone: (540) 280-0778

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25th District
Counties of Albemarle (part), Augusta (part), and Rockingham (part) County of Rockingham (part); City of Harrisonburg

Chris Runion

Telephone: (540) 255-0504

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26th District
County of Chesterfield (part)

Tony O. Wilt

Telephone: (540) 208-0735

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27th District
County of Stafford (part); City of Fredericksburg (part)

Roxann L. Robinson

Telephone: (804) 698-1027

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28th District
Counties of Frederick (part) and Warren (part); City of Winchester

Tara A. Durant


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29th District
Counties of Culpeper (part); Madison, and Orange

William D. (Bill) Wiley

Telephone: (804) 698-1029

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30th District
Counties of Fauquier (part) and Prince William (part)

Nicholas J. (Nick) Freitas

Telephone: (540) 222-7706

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31st District
County of Loudoun (part)

Elizabeth R. Guzman

Telephone: (571) 403-1213

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32nd District
Counties of Clarke (part), Frederick (part), and Loudoun (part)

David A. Reid

Telephone: (703) 662-1395

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33rd District
Counties of Fairfax (part) and Loudoun (part)

David A. LaRock

Telephone: (540) 751-8364

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34th District
County of Fairfax (part)

Kathleen J. Murphy

Telephone: (804) 698-1034

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35th District
County of Fairfax (part)

Mark L. Keam

Telephone: (703) 350-3911

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36th District
County of Fairfax (part); City of Fairfax

Kenneth R. Plum

Telephone: (703) 758-9733

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37th District
County of Fairfax (part)

David L. Bulova

Telephone: (703) 310-6752

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38th District
County of Fairfax (part)

Kaye Kory

Telephone: (703) 354-6024

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39th District
Counties of Fairfax (part) and Prince William (part)

Vivian E. Watts

Telephone: (703) 978-2989

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40th District
County of Fairfax (part)

Daniel I. Helmer

Telephone: (571) 445-0251

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41st District
County of Fairfax (part)

Eileen Filler-Corn

Telephone: (571) 249-3453

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42nd District
County of Fairfax (part)

Kathy KL Tran

Telephone: (703) 539-2066

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43rd District
County of Fairfax (part)

Mark D. Sickles

Telephone: (703) 922-6440

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44th District
Counties of Arlington (part) and Fairfax (part); City of Alexandria (part)

Paul E. Krizek

Telephone: (703) 688-2983

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45th District
City of Alexandria (part)

Elizabeth B. Bennett-Parker

Telephone: (703) 239-3155

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46th District
County of Arlington (part)

Charniele L. Herring

Telephone: (703) 606-9705

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47th District
County of Arlington (part)

Patrick A. Hope

Telephone: (703) 486-1010

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48th District
County of Arlington (part)

Richard C. (Rip) Sullivan, Jr.

Telephone: (571) 210-5876

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49th District
Counties of Arlington (part) and Fairfax (part)

Alfonso H. Lopez

Telephone: (571) 336-2147

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50th District
County of Prince William (part); City of Manassas

Michelle-Ann E.L. Maldonado

Telephone: (571) 287-3204

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51st District
County of Prince William (part)

Briana D. Sewell

Telephone: (703) 261-4746

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52nd District
County of Prince William (part)

Luke E. Torian

Telephone: (703) 785-2224

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53rd District
County of Fairfax (part); City of Falls Church

Marcus B. Simon

Telephone: (571) 327-0053

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54th District
Counties of Caroline (part) and Spotsylvania (part)

Robert D. Orrock, Sr.

Telephone: (540) 891-1322

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55th District
Counties of Caroline (part), Hanover (part), and Spotsylvania (part)

Hyland F. (Buddy) Fowler, Jr.

Telephone: (804) 305-8867

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56th District
Counties of Goochland (part), Henrico (part), Louisa, and Spotsylvania (part)

John J. McGuire, III

Telephone: (804) 389-8601

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57th District
County of Albemarle (part); City of Charlottesville

Sally L. Hudson

Telephone: (434) 202-6842

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58th District
Counties of Albemarle (part), Fluvanna (part), Greene, and Rockingham (part)

Robert B. Bell

Telephone: (434) 245-8900

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59th District
Counties of Albemarle (part), Appomattox, Buckingham, Campbell (part), and Nelson (part)

C. Matthew Fariss

Telephone: (434) 821-5929

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60th District
Counties of Campbell (part), Charlotte, Halifax, and Prince Edward

James E. Edmunds, II

Telephone: (434) 476-0077

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61st District
Counties of Amelia, Cumberland, Lunenburg (part), Mecklenburg, and Nottoway

Thomas C. Wright, Jr.

Telephone: (434) 696-3061

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62nd District
Counties of Chesterfield (part), Henrico (part), and Prince George (part); City of Hopewell (part)

Carrie E. Coyner

Telephone: (804) 698-1062

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63rd District
Counties of Chesterfield (part), Dinwiddie (part), and Prince George (part); Cities of Hopewell (part) and Petersburg

Kimberly A. Taylor


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64th District
Counties of Isle of Wight (part), Prince George (part), Southampton (part), Surry (part), Sussex (part); City of Franklin

Emily M. Brewer

Telephone: (757) 239-1213

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65th District
Counties of Chesterfield (part), Fluvanna (part), Goochland (part), and Powhatan

R. Lee Ware

Telephone: (804) 598-6696

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66th District
County of Chesterfield (part); City of Colonial Heights

Michael A. Cherry

Telephone: (804) 698-1066

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67th District
Counties of Fairfax (part) and Loudoun (part)

Karrie K. Delaney

Telephone: (703) 996-9415

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68th District
Counties of Chesterfield (part) and Henrico (part); City of Richmond (part)

Dawn M. Adams

Telephone: (804) 698-1068

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69th District
County of Chesterfield (part); City of Richmond (part)

Betsy B. Carr

Telephone: (804) 698-1069

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70th District
Counties of Chesterfield (part) and Henrico (part); City of Richmond (part)

Delores L. McQuinn

Telephone: (804) 698-1070

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71st District
County of Henrico (part); City of Richmond (part)

Jeffrey M. Bourne

Telephone: (804) 698-1071

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72nd District
County of Henrico (part) Schuyler T. VanValkenburg

Schuyler T. VanValkenburg

Telephone: (804) 698-1072

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73rd District
County of Henrico (part)

Rodney T. Willett


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74th District
Counties of Charles City and Henrico (part); City of Richmond (part)

Lamont Bagby

Telephone: (804) 698-1074

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75th District
Counties of Brunswick (part), Greensville, Isle of Wight (part), Lunenburg (Counties of Brunswick, Dinwiddie (part), Greensville, Isle of Wight (part), Lunenburg (part), Southampton (part), Surry (part), and Sussex (part); Cities of Emporia and Franklin (part)

Howard Otto Wachsmann, Jr.


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76th District
Cities of Chesapeake (part) and Suffolk (part)

Clinton L. Jenkins

Telephone: (757) 809-0214

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77th District
Cities of Chesapeake (part) and Suffolk (part)

C. E. (Cliff) Hayes, Jr.

Telephone: (757) 364-0272

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78th District
City of Chesapeake (part)

James A. (Jay) Leftwich, Jr.

Telephone: (757) 382-4156

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79th District
Cities of Norfolk (part) and Portsmouth (part)

Nadarius E. Clark

Telephone: (757) 834-4758

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80th District
Cities of Chesapeake (part), Norfolk (part) and Portsmouth (part)

Don L. Scott, Jr.

Telephone: (757) 966-5086

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81st District
Cities of Chesapeake (part) and Virginia Beach (part)

Barry D. Knight

Telephone: (757) 426-6387

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82nd District
City of Virginia Beach (part)

Anne Ferrell H. Tata

Telephone: (757) 213-5193

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83rd District
Cities of Norfolk (part) and Virginia Beach (part)

Timothy V. Anderson

Telephone: (757) 572-4427

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84th District
City of Virginia Beach (part)

Glenn R. Davis, Jr.

Telephone: (757) 802-4982

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85th District
City of Virginia Beach (part)

Karen S. Greenhalgh

Telephone: (757) 598-1733

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86th District
Counties of Fairfax (part) and Loudoun (part)

Irene Shin

Telephone: (703) 677-8334

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87th District
Counties of Loudoun (part) and Prince William (part)

Suhas Subramanyam

Telephone: (571) 707-4566

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88th District
Counties of Fauquier (part), Spotsylvania (part), and Stafford (part); City of Fredericksburg (part) City of Norfolk (part)

Phillip A. Scott

Telephone: (540) 360-3789

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89th District
City of Norfolk (part)

Jackie Hope Glass


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90th District
Cities of Norfolk (part) and Virginia Beach (part)

Angelia Williams Graves

Telephone: (757) 524-4941

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91st District
County of York (part); Cities of Hampton (part) and Poquoson

A.C. Cordoza


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92nd District
City of Hampton (part)

Jeion A. Ward

Telephone: (757) 827-5921

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93rd District
Counties of James City (part) and York (part); Cities of Newport News (part) and Williamsburg

Michael P. Mullin

Telephone: (757) 525-9526

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94th District
City of Newport News (part)

Shelly A. Simonds

Telephone: (757) 276-3022

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95th District
Cities of Hampton (part) and Newport News (part)

Marcia S. (Cia) Price

Telephone: (757) 266-5935

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96th District
Counties of James City (part) and York (part)

Amanda E. Batten

Telephone: (757) 741-7001

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97th District
Counties of Hanover (part), King William (part), and New Kent

Scott A. Wyatt

Telephone: (804) 442-2737

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98th District
Counties of Essex, Gloucester, King and Queen, King William (part), Mathews, and Middlesex

M. Keith Hodges

Telephone: (804) 277-9801

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99th District
Counties of Caroline (part), King George, Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland

Margaret B. Ransone

Telephone: (804) 472-4181

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100th District
Counties of Accomack and Northampton; Cities of Norfolk (part) and Virginia Beach (part)

Robert S. Bloxom, Jr.

Telephone: (757) 824-3456

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Information accurate as of December 2021